Why Us?

Our founder, Tarence Wade, M.D, know the value of hard work & determination. He has worked as an ER Physician for more than 26 years. But during his early years of practice, he experienced the financial pains & struggles of many of the people he served. It was not uncommon to see patients who developed stokes, heart attacks, kidney failure and other life-threatening conditions simply because they could not afford the cost of medication or a regular doctor’s visit to manage their health. He felt that this was a travesty living in the riches country in the world. 

Out of shear frustration and a burning desire to find a solution for the common working-class people to alleviate their financial struggles, Dr. Wade devoted the next 10 years studying the strategies and techniques of online marketing searching for a solution.  

He’s studied tons of wealth-building information from 100’s of sources including e-books, software, audiobooks, webinars, online courses and seminars. 

After spending 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars of his personal income implementing, testing and experimenting with multiple different possibilities but none of which he was satisfied. But then for the past 3 years, he and his team of dedicated experts were able to complete the launch of his new life-changing success system called The 1-Hour Workweek. 

Dr. Wade’s and his team has worked countless hours constructing a system under his vision and direction. He takes pride in only hiring people who are passionate for what he believes. He truly feels that everyone should earn a reliable and progressive monthly recurring income and build generational wealth for themselves and their family. And he has never faulted from this belief.  

He’s adamant that the people who works for him must have this attitude to fit his culture. Then once that has been establish then only should their skillset and experience be evaluated. He feels that you can always teach skills. But if he hire people who are already motived then he can inspire them.  

There are several success coaches and mentors Dr. Wade credit for enriching him with great knowledge. This short list includes Lamar Tyler- CEO of Traffic Sales & Profit, Simon Sinek- author of the New York Time’s Best Seller, “Start with Why” and Verne Harnish, author of “Scaling Up”.  

Dr. Wade feels that the things he’s doing with his company is his true calling. He’s 1,000 percent committed to helping people solve their financial pains & struggles using his success system.  And he feel it’s only going to get better.  

He invites everyone to come and join his free wealth-building community.